The Downsides to Solar Power

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The negative side to solar power

By Andrea Zolna and Geoff McCabe You’ve probably heard all about the benefits of solar power, but it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention some of the down-sides. Overall, every project or home will be different and it’s up to you to decide what makes the most sense. Solar Power – The Reasons Why Not 1. Toxicity of the Production of Panels and Batteries The biggest downside to solar energy is the toxicity of production of the panels and especially the batteries. Most of the panels and batteries are made of or produce heavy metals like silicon, mercury, leadRead the Rest…

Solar Power in Costa Rica

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Solar Panel and Sun

Solar Power: Why? In 2014, most people know what solar power is. In fact, many eco-aware people dream of the day they only use solar and wind to power their homes and businesses. They love the idea. They romanticize it. But then reality strikes: “It takes too much time.” “Maybe in a few years when it’s more cost effective” “Most of Costa Rica’s power is sustainable anyways, so why bother?” “it’s just not practical” I’ve heard it all. It will never be the right time. It will always seem expensive. Not doing it will always be easier. But the timeRead the Rest…

Costa Rica Solar Power Suppliers

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Costa Rica Solar Power Installation

List of Solar Power Suppliers in Costa Rica ASI Power – Jim Ryan’s company specializing in sustainable energy and advanced telemetry systems Guanacaste/Liberia +506 2665-6161 E-mail: info@intitechsolar.com Costa Rica Solar Solutions – Off Grid, Grid Tied, and Hybrid Solar solutions as well as pool, well, irrigation and hot water solar systems Escazú Phone: +506 8910-848 E-mail: solarinfo@crsolarsolutions.com Facebook Energia Solar Costa Rica – Solar Energy Instalation Santa Ana +506 4030-1272 E-mail: energiasolar.costarica@gmail.com Facebook Energy Saver – Solar Air Conditioning units (Turns solar energy into refrigerant), Hot Water Tanks, Solar Energy San José + 506 2282-4910 E-mail: info@energysavercr.com Facebook Hola SolarRead the Rest…